Re: Sync API for workers

On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 7:03 PM, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> Hence I think something like the following would work:
> [Constructor]
> interface SyncMessageChannel {
>   readonly attribute MessagePortSyncSide syncPort;
>   readonly attribute MessagePortAsyncSide asyncPort;
> };
> interface MessagePortSyncSide {
>   void postMessage(any message, optional sequence<Transferable> transfer);
>   any waitForMessage();
>   void close();
> };
> MessagePortSyncSide implements Transferable;
> interface MessagePortAsyncSide : EventTarget {
>   void postMessage(any message, optional sequence<Transferable> transfer);
>   void start();
>   void close();
>   // event handlers
>            attribute EventHandler onmessage;
> };
> MessagePortAsyncSide implements Transferable;
> Where there's the additional limitation that MessagePortSyncSide can
> only be transferred though MessagePortAsyncSide.postMessage() or
> Worker.postMessage(), and MessagePortAsyncSide can only be transferred
> though MessagePortSyncSide.postMessage() or
> DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.postMessage().

We're planning on implementing this API soon in Gecko.

The main use cases that we're looking to solve are:

* Enable libraries to implement APIs that require functionality that
are not yet available in workers but that is available on the main
thread. There will likely be such functionality for a long time to
come given that we're constantly adding new functionality to the web
platform and implementations tend to add APIs to the main thread
before they do so to workers.
* Enable compiling code that was written for other platforms to the
web. Specifically where such code uses synchronous APIs, but where we
for good reasons have chosen not to expose synchronous counterparts in
the web platform. The most obvious example here is synchronous
filesystem access which is very commonly used in other platforms like
posix and windows.

If people have other ideas for how to solve those use-cases, we're of
course always open to other proposals. But please look through this
thread first as there has been lots of good discussion.

If people are not interested in solving these use-cases I'm always
interested in that input too.

/ Jonas

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