Re: [gamepad] Seeking status and plans

On 10/2/2013 12:31 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Hi Ted, Scott,
> If any of the data for the Gamepad spec in [PubStatus] is not
> accurate, please provide corrections.
> Also, if you have any new information re your plans for the spec -
> last published 29-May-2012 - or the spec's status with respect to
> being feature complete, implementation status, etc., please let us know.
> -Thanks, ArtB
> [PubStatus] <>
Hi Art,

Thanks for the nudge! My work on the spec (and the Firefox
implementation) fell by the wayside for many months, but I found some
time to work on my implementation recently. We (Mozilla) are shipping a
very-close-to-spec implementation in Nightly builds, and it's available
behind a preference in our current release (Firefox 24).

I'd actually like to ship our implementation in release soon, I just
have a few minor implementation bugs (with significant impact) to fix as
well as one possible breaking spec change[1]. With those in order I'd be
pretty happy to ship. We'd be shipping unprefixed, as is our new policy.

It's my understanding that Google has been shipping a prefixed
implementation that's also pretty close to the spec for some time now,
but that Scott suffers from the same "Gamepad is not really my full-time
job" problem that I do. He'd be more equipped to talk about this than I
am, certainly.

In terms of feature-completeness I think the spec is basically done.
Aside from that one breaking change I'd like to make I don't think
there's anything else we want to address right now that couldn't be done
in a future release of the spec. We've wanted to keep the scope small
from the beginning and I think we did okay. It definitely needs some
more work (mostly polishing of the text, fixing the existing bugs), but
we could certainly get out a new WD with the most recent text.



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