Re: Testing Pointer Lock

On Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:50:21 +0100, Vincent Scheib <>  

> Pointer lock is tricky to automate tests for. Consider some examples:
> - Upon lock, no pointer should be visible.
> - A user gesture is required to lock when not in fullscreen.
> - Transitioning to fullscreen and pointer lock then exiting fullscreen
> should maintain pointer lock. (User gesture required to enter fullscreen)
> - While locked, moving the mouse indefinitely in any direction must
> continue to provide non zero movementX/Y values.
> I'm considering starting some pointer lock tests with testharness.js. The
> only solution I see is to provide instructions in many tests
> for manual actions and observations.
> I appreciate any best practice suggestions, or pointers to other
> specifications with similar challenges. So far I see geolocation tests
> provide manual instructions.

Longdesc also has manual tests. The ones at are looking like they will be  
accepted as actual tests. There is *1* automated test, which I haven't  
tried to put it into testharness yet.

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