Re: [pointerlock] Seeking status and plans

On 10/3/13 12:14 PM, ext Vincent Scheib wrote:
> Pointer Lock is no longer blocked on mozilla security review. Firefox 
> stable now implements behavior similar to Chrome when not in full 
> screen. I will be updating the spec and closing 
> soon.

Thanks for the update Vincent (I updated PubStatus accordingly).

> I will update the specification to include the constraints now 
> implemented in Firefox and Chrome, but will leave wording allowing 
> user agents to have additional constraints as appropriate for future 
> contexts.
> I will also clarify the spec by adding reference to 
> onpointerlockchange and onpointerlock error, and specifying that 
> pointer lock should not be exited upon a transition in window state 
> between fullscreen, maximized or restored.
> At that point I would like to publish another working draft of the 
> specification, possibly a Last Call Working Draft.

OK, please let me know when the ED is updated and then we can discuss 
the WD vs. LCWD question.

(See the following re the Purpose and Entrance Criteria for LCWD 

-Thanks, ArtB

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