Re: HTML element content models vs. components

On 9/28/11 2:12 PM, Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
>>> C.) Just don't allow components to be used in places that have a special
>>> content model.
>> I prefer this one, because:
>> 1. It is very simple.
>> 2. It discourages people from using components in cases already handled by HTML.
> +1 as a first step. We can start with this and see how authors react.
> I suspect that without actual running code and people trying things
> out, we could be debating this for a very long time :)

We already have authors requesting a way of binding a data-presentation 
component to a <table>.  Which has a special content model.

> Also, the "content model" is a bit of a loaded term. It's only about
> what browsers actually do. IRL, it's perfectly ok to plop an<li>
> element anywhere in your DOM tree. The only special-casing logic that
> HTMLLiElement has is to deal with the rendering, as Morrita-san
> already pointed out

For <li>, this is correct.

For <table>, you're screwed when using actual markup.  Take a look at and 
tell me where the table row and cell went in the DOM, please.

> This is not the case for all elements though.


> And we won't weed out all edge cases by principled studying. We gotta start simple and let
> peeps run code! :)

While avoiding design decisions that permanently lock out things we 
already know people want to do.


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