Re: [widgets] Killing file:// of evil (widget URI ready for pub)

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 7:16 PM, Marcos Caceres
<> wrote:
> I've updated the Widget URI scheme spec, and it's now ready for publication as a new WD.
> What's new? I completely rewrote it. Now defines a dereferencing model that fakes HTTP responses (so hopefully now will work with JQuery mobile + XHR).
> New abstract:
> The widget URI scheme spec defines the widget URI scheme and rules for dereferencing a widget URI, which can be used to address resources inside a package (e.g., a [Widgets] package or similarly packaged application). The dereferencing model relies on HTTP semantics to return resources in a manner akin to a HTTP GET request. Doing so allows this URI scheme to be used with other technologies that rely on HTTP responses to function as intended, such as [XMLHTTPRequest].
> As always, comments welcomed.

Well, this is progress, but it seems the only difference now between
widget: and http: is the authority. And if that's the case, then
instead of (from your example);


why not go with this?



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