[FileAPI] BlobBuilder.append("native")

> "native" Newlines must be transformed to the default line-ending
representation of the underlying host filesystem. For example, if the
underlying filesystem is FAT32, newlines would be transformed into \r\n
pairs as the text was appended to the state of the BlobBuilder.

This is a bit odd: most programs write newlines according to the convention
of the host system, not based on peeking at the underlying filesystem.  You
won't even know the filesystem if you're writing to a network drive.  I'd
suggest "must be transformed according to the conventions of the local
system", and let implementations decide what that is.  It should probably be
explicit that the only valid options are \r\n and \n, or reading files back
in which were transformed in this way will be difficult.

Also, in the Issue above that, it seems to mean "native" where it says

Glenn Maynard

Received on Thursday, 22 September 2011 23:47:51 UTC