Important: TPAC Registration

Hi, folks-

In case you don't know, TPAC ("Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee 
meeting) is W3C's yearly plenary meeting, where all the different 
working groups have a chance to come together, to schedule joint 
meetings, to collaborate in person, and to meet as groups.  It's a 
really productive event.

Registration for TPAC has been a bit slow this year, so I'm reminding 
you all to register now if you intend to go:

Registration ends 14 October 2011... only 3 weeks away.

Go register.  Please.  Now.  Don't finish reading this email, just go 
register.  Then finish reading this email.

Note that there is a daily event fee of $50 USD (which goes up to $150 
USD after 14 October).

The event is happening at the Santa Clara Marriott hotel, Santa Clara, 
California, USA.

There is a guest rate blocked off for the special $169 USD rate.  This 
room rate is only available until 10 October 2011 (4 days _before_ TPAC 
registration ends), so don't delay in booking your room as well...

If you haven't already gotten travel permission from your organization, 
now is the time to do that.  Flights will be getting more expensive as 
the date looms ever closer.

Please don't make me nag you like your mother again.  I'll do it... I'm 
not proud.

Here's some info:

TPAC2011 Overview page:

TPAC2011 Groups Schedule:

TPAC2011 Registration by Groups:


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