Re: RfC: Is Web Sockets API ready for LC publication? [Was: Re: [websockets] Getting WebSockets API to Last Call]

Yesterday, Hixie checked in a fix for 13777.

Bug 13104 (Enable keepalive on WebSocket API) was closed (WontFix) but 
reopened on September 18. Since various group members agree with not 
addressing this bug for v1, I will proceed with a CfC to publish a LC of 
the Web Socket API. (Perhaps this bug could be moved to the PostPoned 
state and (re-)considered for v2?).

Editorial bugs 12510 and 13700 will not block the LC (although it would 
be great if they were fixed ;-)).

If any new bugs are submitted after the RfC begins, we will consider 
those bugs as LC comments.


On 9/15/11 9:07 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> As an update on this RfC, note that ATM, 13777 is the only 
> non-editorial bug that remains open:
> <>
> I would appreciate it, if people would please provide input on this bug.
> -AB
>> On 9/9/11 6:05 PM, ext Brian Raymor wrote:
>>>   13777 - The WebSocket protocol draft (hybi-10) restricts the value 
>>> of subprotocols as follows: The elements that comprise this value 
>>> MUST be non- empty strings with characters in the range U+0021 to 
>>> U+007E not including separator characters as defined
>>> New, Assigned to Ian Hickson
>>> MICROSOFT PROPOSAL: We'd like to see the spec updated as outlined in 
>>> this bug.

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