Re: Joystick support

Hi All,

As Scott knows, and as suggested by some responses to this thread, the 
members of the Web Events WG are interested in adding the Joystick API 
to its charter [1]. As such, my expectation is the process to formally 
update Web Event's charter to add this API will begin soon.

-Art Barstow


On 8/24/11 3:23 PM, ext Scott Graham wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed that Mozilla has started to prototype support for Joystick
> events. There's some documentation on this effort
> as well as a prototype
> I'm also interested in adding support for joysticks to Chromium and so
> would like to open the discussion up to a broader audience. Do others
> see this as a valuable API? Or have comments on the design?
> scott

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