Re: DOM4 not compatible with ACID3 tests

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 8:14 PM, Tim Down <> wrote:
> I'd suggest the DOM Range tests in ACID3 could be modified to test
> against the newer WHATWG Range spec, which clears up some ambiguities
> in the DOM 2 Range spec (there's one about what happens to Range
> boundaries after a particular insertNode call that I emailed
> about over a year ago). There's also
> some attribute node tests in there.

The insertNode issue is noted in the current spec, which has been
merged into DOM4 (formerly known as DOM Core, formerly known as Web
DOM Core):

DOM 2 Range and Gecko disagree with IE, WebKit, Opera, and old
versions of Acid3.  Apparently this originated as an Acid3 bug that
all non-Gecko engines picked up to pass Acid3, which was later changed
to accept both behaviors.  I've spoken with smaug (Olli) about this
before.  My opinion is that the spec should change to match the
IE/WebKit/Opera behavior unless at least one of them is willing to
change, because that's the behavior that we'll more easily get interop

It's possible you were thinking of a different insertNode issue, though.

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