[Clipboard] Processing model feedback (and other)

As a high-level comment it seems to me the organization of the  
specification needs some changing. The processing model is about how to  
deal with a "copy/paste/cut operation" it is not about firing an event  
(that is mainly part of it). The events section meanwhile is about how  
users invoke a "copy/paste/cut operation" and not so much about firing an  
event either (the event summary boxes are not needed I think). You can  
also invoke such actions from script via the execCommand() APIs  
apparently, but that does not appear to be described in detail.

So first I think it would make sense to clearly distinguish between  
operations and events.

Because there is a processing model that includes dispatching events the  
section on events can probably be removed. The requirements made therein  
are redundant. You will still need a section that defines when the  
operations are invoked. Alternatively, you could leave that out of scope  
for the HTML Editing APIs specification.

Apart from this I noticed a few other things:

* "the BODY element" should probably be defined as reference to what it is  
in HTML.

* If you define an internal flag do not use <code> for it, but <var> or  
maybe <dfn>.

* If you reference externally used terms mention that somehow. E.g.  
DataTransfer's mode flag is actually called "drag data store mode".  
DataTransfer in HTML is defined in terms of "drag data store" so it would  
make sense to talk about the same thing here. (Maybe get it renamed from  
drag to something more neutral?)

* "If the current clipboard part contains HTML- or XHTML-formatted text"  
seems really vague (how do you tell whether it contains that?) as are the  
steps that lead to creating some kind of tree. They probably need to  
reference something specific in HTML.

* The "Fire the event" step should be more elaborated:  

* The "Process the default action" step should instead talk about whether  
or not the  
http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/domcore/raw-file/tip/Overview.html#canceled-flag of  
the event ended up being set and what to do when it is not.

* Since ClipboardEvent is new we do not need to introduce  
initClipboardEvent() and go solely for an event constructor.

* I think having section 7 is confusing. Cross-references would be better.

If you want to perform cross-references between HTML, DOM, and your  
specification it might be an idea to use  
https://bitbucket.org/ms2ger/anolis I can help out if needed.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Friday, 9 September 2011 14:49:06 UTC