Re: Copy prevention... up-and-running

On Mon, 05 Sep 2011 13:03:25 +0200, Paul Libbrecht <>  

> While the discussion about preventing abuse in clipboards is happening,  
> allow me to suggest something I recently found:
> In the page below is a fairly simple script that succeeds in preventing  
> the user to select with the mouse, hence copy, in Firefox 6, Safari 5.1,  
> and a few others.
> The workarounds include: use Camino, print-preview and select there, use  
> select all.
> Can something be done to prevent this prohibition?
> Do we want that?
> paul


The page abuses legitimate features to control selection, which have  
legitimate use cases. If users don't like it they can just use another  
website, or disable javascript.

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