Re: Fwd: Re: CfC: new WD of Clipboard API and Events; deadline April 5

On Sun, 04 Sep 2011 23:47:08 +0200, Hallvord R. M. Steen  
<> wrote:
>> Also, scripts shouldn't be able to call clearData() during copy/cut  
>> events, correct?
> Why not? Is it useful in any other context?

It can be abused to prevent copy and paste from a site. But maybe there  
are other ways for that too.

>> For "10. Cross-origin copy/paste of source code", we might also want to  
>> consider stripping elements that can refer to external URLs such as  
>> link, meta, base, etc...
> Those will typically be in the HEAD and not usually part of a pasted  
> fragment. We certainly don't want to remove A tags or their HREFs, so  
> I'm not sure why we'd want to remove e.g. LINK.

Depending on the type of <link> it can fetch its resource automatically.

Anne van Kesteren

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