Re: [DOM3Events] CR

On 9/4/11 12:49 PM, Charles Pritchard wrote:
> Is there a wiki page or other resource for looking into implementation
> status on DOM3Events?
> It's a large spec, and I'd like to plan for it in our internal roadmap.

We will be building a complete test suite and implementation report 
during CR phase, which is the traditional time that stuff is done.

Informally, I believe that IE9+ implements all of the normative 
assertions in the DOM3 Events spec (there could be minor details that 
need better testing), and most of the spec is implemented in other 
browsers, since much of it is based on existing browser features.

I think the least coverage is in one of the most important features, the 
keyboard model; I would love to see this implemented in more browsers 
than just IE, but haven't been able to get anyone to prioritize it yet. 
  'mouseenter' and 'mouseleave' also need broader support (John Resig 
was just asking me to expedite this the other day, on behalf of jQuery).

> I'm no fan of event.pageX, but it's very heavily used in our code base.
> Our screenX hooks, when written, were targeting Adobe's Flash event
> namespaces. It's mentioned once, in DOM3Events, in the legacy context of
> initMouseEvent.

I believe the right place to deal with that is in the CSS Object Model 

(Snipping discussion of DOM 4.  I don't want to muddy the issue of 
moving DOM3 Events to CR with discussions of a later spec.  Those issues 
should be dealt with in another thread.)


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