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> You can suggest a session on  
> Depending on who attends it may or may not turn out useful.

Done. Thanks Anne!  

Here is the proposal. Please feel to change on the wiki.  

===The W3C Publication Process is broken: lets fix it!===
Proposed by: Marcos Cáceres
The W3C process requiring static version of specs to be published to /TR/ is seriously broken. The labeling of specs are CR, LC, etc. is also broken: specifications don't follow a linear path to reach Recommendation (e.g., Last Call can come after CR, and Last Call documents can go straight to PR). Standards are *living documents* and trying to version them has led to serious fragmentation in the market, confusion from implementers, and confusion from other standards organizations that use W3C specs.
Lets work together to come up with a workable solution to this problem. For a start, lets start taking Editor's draft seriously: for too long, some in the W3C community have pretended that Editor's draft have no official status, when in reality they are usually far ahead of anything in the /TR/ space. Making editor's drafts authoritative on the /TR/ space would overcome many of the problems listed above. 

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