Some way to change an element's name would be useful

In editing, it's common to want to change an element's name.  For
instance, document.execCommand("formatblock", false, "h1") will change
the current line's wrapper to an <h1>.  Unbolding <b id=foo> should
produce <span id=foo>.  My editing spec defines an algorithm for this
<> which
is used in a bunch of places.

The thing is, one requirement for editing is that you want to preserve
the user's selection.  Real-world use-case: some editors want to
produce <strong> instead of <b> for bold.  One way to do this is to
let the browser create <b> tags via the bold command, then iterate
through them all and change them to <strong>.  But this will involve
removing the <b> element from the DOM, and if the selection was inside
it, it will now be collapsed outside it.  There's no way for the
author to avoid this except manually saving and restoring the
selection with fixups.  And that won't work either for ranges other
than the selection.

We can't actually change the tag name of the node in place, because
then it will have to implement a different interface in general.  But
we could have a setTagName() method that creates a new Element with
the given tag name, moves the children, copies the attributes, puts it
in the right place, fixes up the Ranges, then returns the
newly-created Element.  Does this seem reasonable to anyone, or is it
too confusing that the object will be different?

Received on Monday, 29 August 2011 18:57:56 UTC