Re: Components/constructable DOM elements: mandatory tag registration?

I think should throw if there’s not an associated tag name.

However exactly how that association happens, I am not sure.
JavaScript can’t rely on the 'constructor' property. Shadowing the
tagName attribute on the prototype is not ideal, because it may be
mutable and it would be confusing if it was mutated.

Alternatively we could require subtypes of some specific tag, like
HTMLDivElement, and use that tag name if there's no registered tag
name. That means the UA can't limit special casing to x- elements,
although I think that is OK.


On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 1:16 AM, Roland Steiner
<> wrote:
> From the discussion about "x-" prefixed names another question crossed my
> mind: Suppose an author defines a component, but doesn't register a tag
> name. AFAICT, at this point nothing prevents him from inserting such a new
> element into the DOM. E.g.:
> <div id="div"></div>
> <script>
>     function MyNewElement() {
>         // ...
>     }
>     var div = document.getElementById("div");
>     div.appendChild(new MyNewElement());
>     // ... Look Ma, no Element.register() call!
>     var text = div.innerHTML;  // <- what does this return?
> </script>
> Cheers,
> - Roland

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