Re: [XHR] support for streaming data

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 21:18:43 +0200, Charles Pritchard <>  
> On 8/12/11 12:03 PM, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> Before we add yet another set of features, when are we going to attempt  
>> to get interoperability on the current feature set?
> Some time after adding another set of features, I'd imagine.
> This has always been the way of XHR.

Really? In my experience there has not been much of an attempt to converge  
so far.

> We've got a pretty strong case for chunked array buffer as a -single-  
> feature. Between Mozilla and WebKit, I'd imagine one of the vendors will  
> implement this year.

We'll see.

>> I wrote a test suite of sorts for features prior to XMLHttpRequest  
>> Level 2, but so far it has seen little feedback. Also nobody has  
>> contributed tests for the new features added to XMLHttpRequest Level 2.
> Where's your test set from prior? I'm booked this month, but I'd be  
> happy to pick it up next month.  
has my tests it seems. (Not sure why they were moved from their original  
location without someone telling me.) Feedback and/or new tests would be  
awesome, thanks!

Anne van Kesteren

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