Re: Element.create(): a proposal for more convenient element creation

On Aug 1, 2011, at 6:43 PM, Ian Hickson <> wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Aug 2011, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>>   Creates an element with the specified tag, attributes, and children.
>>   tagName - tag name as a string; by default it does "smart" selection 
>> of SVG, HTML or MathML namespace. Authors can also use an html: svg: or 
>> mathml: prefix to override these defaults.
> I'd suggest just always defaulting to HTML and requiring "svg:" and 
> "mathml:" prefixes for those namespaces.

Can we have it 'inherit' a parent namespace, and have chaining properties?

Element.create('div').create('svg').create('g').create('rect', {title: 'An svg rectangle in an HTML div'});

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