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>>> Yesterday the WebApps WG discussed the fate of the views concept and we decided that it was not worth keeping the theoretical concept around because in practice a lot of the APIs designed are not taking it into account and implementations are not interested in implementing support for it (or are in the process of removing the limited support they have). The interfaces would of course still be supported but you would always get the same global object and document, regardless of the media the document is being used in.
>>> The idea is that the CSSOM View Module will obsolete DOM2 Views in due course, but we thought it would make sense to alert potential implementors that they should not be spending time on implementing the views concept of DOM2 Views by adding a note to the recommendation much like the CSS WG has done with CSS 2.0. We were wondering what the process for adding such a note might be.
>> Please send a request to my attention, cc webreq, with the text you would like to appear in the document.
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> In the intervening years this changed a little (my apologies for getting back to you so late). I think the note could read:
> "The ideas described in this document are abandoned as they have not seen sufficient adoption. The 'document' and 'defaultView' attributes still exist and are now defined by HTML5."
> Ian, do you think we should maybe have such a note for DOM Level 3 Core as well given that implementors should really look at DOM Core instead?

If we really want to rescind a Recommendation, we should do that through the process defined for that. If we want to update people on where to find more recent information (but still the current specification is still valid for some cases) then we can probably add a status update.


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