Re: Mutation events replacement

Thanks Jonas for the proposal. For changes to attributes and changes to 
the value of text nodes, it should be possible to applications to 
request to see the before/after values.  You note that style attributes 
may be long as an argument against permitting applications to see the 
before value. But what if an editing application really wants to see 
such changes. It could create a copy of the DOM, but that is even more 
expensive when editing a sizable document. The size of text nodes may 
also be long, but a remote editing application could determine whether 
running a diff algorithm against the before/after strings is justified 
for serialization purposes.

In summary, let's allow applications to choose what data they want to 
see!  The almost asynchronous (option 2) works for me for the timing issue.

  Dave Raggett<>

Received on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 08:27:28 UTC