Re: Global variables and id lookup for elements

Ian Hickson:
> Is this still something I should do, or did this get resolved using 
> another solution?

The proposed solution I made in the bug was to have the [[Get]] etc.
internal methods of Window handle the resolution order of window named
properties, rather than to use inheritance in the IDL to control the
order.  I made that change to Web IDL, which would require you defining
which named properties are “resolved before prototype properties”, and
that’d be the frame names; the (possible quirks mode only) ID lookups
would be done last automatically, since Window isn’t [OverrideBuiltins].

However, Tony Ross on the bug there says he would rather an even simpler
solution that resoles all frame names and ID lookups after everything
else (i.e. like normal non-[OverrideBuiltins] interfaces).  I haven’t
made any spec changes since then.  It would be good to get more input on
the bug.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 23:50:11 UTC