CORS/UMP to become joint WebApps and WebAppSec joint deliverable

As indicated a year ago [1] and again at the end of last month [2], the 
proposal to create a new Web Application Security WG has moved forward 
with a formal AC review now underway and ending August 19.

The proposed charter includes making CORS and UMP a joint deliverable 
between the WebApps and WebAppSec WGs:


Secure Cross-Domain Resource Sharing - Advance existing recommendations 
specifying mechanisms necessary for secure mashup applications, 
including the Cross-Origin Request Sharing (CORS) and Uniform Messaging 
Policy (UMP) Such recommendations will be harmonized and published as 
joint work with the W3C Web Applications Working Group.

-Art Barstow


Received on Friday, 15 July 2011 12:43:51 UTC