[indexeddb] Client API state after calling trasnaction.abort

A couple of questions regarding client state vs. server state on several calls.  What should be the client behavior for subsequent calls after a transaction abort is called?  This assumes the server request hasn't been processed yet.  For example:

1.        var txn = db.transaction([osName], IDBTransaction.READ_WRITE);
2.        objStore = txn.objectStore(osName);
3.        var rq = objStore.add(books[2]).onsuccess = function (e1) { log("added book 2"); };
4.        txn.abort();
5.        try {
6.        	   var rq2 = objStore.add(books[3]).onerror = function (e2) { log("failed to add book 3"); };
7.        catch (ex) {
9.        }

I expect that line #3 will receive the success event.  However, I expect that rq2 will throw a TRANSACTION_INACTIVE_ERR that will be processed by line #7 and that the onerror function will never be called on line #6.  My assumption is that even if the transaction abort hasn't been processed by the server, that the client state associated with the transaction will contain an invalid transaction and thus fail.

Do you agree?


Received on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 02:23:58 UTC