Re: [XHR2] Blobs, names and FormData

On 7/11/2011 10:02 AM, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> 2011/7/11 Anne van Kesteren<>:
>> On Thu, 07 Jul 2011 03:00:55 +0200, Adrian Bateman<>
>> wrote:
>>> I was about to send a similar proposal. We'd prefer to add an optional
>>> argument to append that specifies the filename. This is the smallest change
>>> to
>>> implementations and doesn't require developers to understand the
>>> BlobBuilder in order to use FormData. Having to create another reference to
>>> a Blob and probably deal with managing a File and Blob both pointing to the
>>> same data seems
>>> unnecessarily involved when all we want is to get the filename into the
>>> FormData object.
>> Isn't the smallest change just setting the file name to "blob" rather than
>> the empty string? I suspect setting the filename might come up elsewhere too
>> (e.g. file system API) so I'd rather not do it here.
> Additionally, what is the use case of being able to set the filename
> during a FormData submission? My perception was that the main use case
> was to not get an empty filename as many serverside implementations of
> multipart/form-data did not deal well with that. I so far have not
> heard a reason to believe that having the ability to specify a precise
> filename is a common use case, so it seems unnecessary to add syntax
> sugar for that.

In document uploading; many doc management sites
retain information about the original filename that has been uploaded and
may use that filename as the default name of the uploaded file.

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