Re: [FileAPI] FileReader.readAsXXX when pased null

On 7/6/11 10:13 PM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Hi Arun,
> Adrian Bateman:
>>> The spec doesn't seem to state this explicitly and I can't tell if
>>> there is supposed to be an implicit requirement from WebIDL. Perhaps
>>> the expectation is that this falls into the error condition and
>>> should set readyState to DONE, result to null, and process the error
>>> steps? Any thoughts?
> Arun Ranganathan:
>> My thoughts are that this should be an OperationNotAllowedException,
>> and that this should be better defined.
>> IMHO WebIDL doesn't touch on what happens when a method within a
>> given API is called with null, so I think you're right to point this
>> issue out (thanks!).
> There was a recent change in Web IDL which made interface types (like
> the readAsXXX argument types) not include null by default, and if you
> want to allow null, to write it as “Type?”.  If you don’t change the
> type in the File API spec to include the question mark, then Web IDL
> defines it so that passing null means a TypeError will be thrown.
> If you want to do some additional processing beyond throwing an
> exception (e.g. setting readyState), then you would need to allow null
> by using “Blob?” as the type and then say what happens when null is
> passed in.

Wow, not only do I stand corrected, but I'm also gladdened :)  This 
change to WebIDL is a good one, and I'm sorry I missed it when it came out.

Adrian: this should answer your original question, although I still 
think that in general, user agents differ pretty substantially over the 
type of exceptions that are being thrown (and this is yet another 
example).  Hopefully this is something we can fix with updates.

-- A*

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