Re: Mutation events replacement

Jonas Sicking wrote:
>  We are definitely
> short on use cases for mutation events in general which is a problem.
1. Graphical breakpoints. The user marks some DOM element or attribute 
to trigger break. The debugger inserts mutation listeners to watch for 
the event that causes that element/attribute to be created/modified. 
Then the debugger re-executes some code sequence and halts when the 
appropriate listener is entered. Placing the listeners high in the tree 
and analyzing all of the events is easier than trying to precisely add a 
listener since the tree will be modified during re-execution.

2. Graphical tracing. Recording all or part of the DOM creation. For 
visualization or analysis tools.  See for example Firebug's HTML panel 
with options Highlight Changes, Expand Changes, or Scroll Changes into View.

3. Client side dynamic translation. Intercept mutations and replace or 
extend them. This could be for user tools like scriptish or stylish, dev 
tools to inject marks or code, or for re-engineering complex sites for 
newer browser features.


Received on Thursday, 7 July 2011 22:21:38 UTC