Frame embedding: One problem, three possible specs?

(Warning, this is cross-posted widely. One of the lists is the IETF websec mailing list, to which the IETF NOTE WELL applies:


there appear to be at least three possible specifications addressing this space, with similar but different designs:

1. A proposed deliverable in the WebAppSec group to take up on X-Frame-Options and express those in CSP:

(We expect that this charter might go to the W3C AC for review as soon as next week.)

2. The "From-Origin" draft (aka "Cross-Origin Resource Embedding Exclusion") currently considered for publication as an FPWD in the Webapps WG:

This draft mentions integration into CSP as a possible path forward.

3. draft-gondrom-frame-options, an individual I-D mentioned to websec:

How do we go about it?  One path forward might be to just proceed as currently planned and coordinate when webappsec starts working.

Another path forward might be to see whether we can agree now on what forum to take these things forward in (and what the coordination dance might look like).

Thoughts welcome.

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <>  (@roessler)

Received on Thursday, 7 July 2011 21:12:36 UTC