Re: [FileAPI] FileReader.readAsXXX when pased null

On 7/6/11 7:54 PM, Adrian Bateman wrote:
> What is the expected behaviour for FileReader.readAsXXX(null)? Currently
> I think both IE10 and Chrome fail silently and there are no events fired
> whereas Firefox appears to throw an internal NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER
> exception.
> The spec doesn't seem to state this explicitly and I can't tell if there
> is supposed to be an implicit requirement from WebIDL. Perhaps the
> expectation is that this falls into the error condition and should set
> readyState to DONE, result to null, and process the error steps?
> Any thoughts?

My thoughts are that this should be an OperationNotAllowedException, and 
that this should be better defined.

IMHO WebIDL doesn't touch on what happens when a method within a given 
API is called with null, so I think you're right to point this issue out 

-- A*

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