Re: Mutation events replacement

On 7/5/11 12:12 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 7/5/11 3:00 PM, David Flanagan wrote:
>> Boris, you have hinted that making the DOM readonly would cause all
>> kinds of problems, such as: a mutation listener that attempted to set
>> certain global variables would throw an exception. I'm coming at this
>> from the perspective of DOM Core and haven't gotten into the details of
>> HTML yet, so I don't understand what these problems are. Could you
>> provide more detail?
> The problem is that web developers don't have a firm grasp on what's 
> part of the DOM and what's part of ECMAScript.  And libraries that 
> hide underlying things don't help it any.
> So in practice, a web developer looking at code that involves a set 
> call has no way to tell whether it will work in a given web browser in 
> a mutation listener if listeners disable DOM mutations.  A web 
> developer looking at a function call has no way to tell either.
I've assumed that mutation events are an advanced feature that will 
mostly be used by sophisticated developers and library authors.  But I 
see your point. I was worried you were saying that there quirks to the 
DOM itself that made a read-only mode impractical.

> The only way to make it possible to tell without learning every inch 
> of the specs is to not give any access to DOM objects at all from 
> mutation listeners.  Then any code you write there will work.
But that option is completely impossible, right? Not an avenue to 

>> Note that this isn't a capability system: we don't have to prevent the
>> listener from having any access to the DOM. That wouldn't be possible
>> and the listeners need read access to the document and its nodes. We
>> just need to make any modification attempts fail.
> And I'm saying that this will lead to hard-to-diagnose bustage due to 
> unintended DOM modifications that the caller doesn't even realize are 
> DOM modifications.
At least the bustage would fail fast with an exception.  We could define 
a new RECURSIVE_MUTATION_ERR exception code that would make it easy to 
diagnose the problem.

I have to agree with jjb: developers won't like a readonly DOM in 
mutation listeners, but the problems that it will cause are not as bad 
as those that arise when recursive mutations are allowed.


> -Boris

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