Re: Mutation events replacement

On 07/04/2011 09:01 PM, Dave Raggett wrote:
> On 04/07/11 17:57, Olli Pettay wrote:
>> Mutation listener could easily
>> implement old/new value handling itself, especially if it knows which
>> attributes it is interested in.
> How exactly would the listener know the previous state?

In the easiest case when the script cares about only one specific attribute:
     prevVal: element.getAttribute("foo"),
     handleMutation: function(node, changeTarget) {
       if (node == changeTarget) {
         // do something with this.prevVal
         this.prevVal = element.getAttribute("foo");

> For a concurrent editing app, it is important to be able to describe
> changes reversibly so that you can revert the DOM when a given local
> edit isn't accepted, or you need to revert before applying accepted
> changes from other clients. I have been able to get this to work fine
> with the existing mutation events. Of course, I avoid changing the DOM
> within a mutation event listener, but it is easy to defer such changes
> by a call to setTimeout, e.g. with a time of zero. I would be quite
> happy for the browser to throw an exception when a mutation event
> listener tries to call an unsafe API, as this way developers would
> rapidly learn of their mistake and switch to better practices.

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