Re: Mutation events replacement

On 7/2/11 1:46 PM, John J. Barton wrote:
> 2) element transformation. The replacement fires "after" a mutation.
> Library or tools that want to transform the application dynamically want
> to get notification "before" the mutation. A common solution then is
> to bracket changes:
> "beforeChange" or "onModelChanging"
> "afterChange" or "onModelChanged"

This really only works if you trust the listeners.  The browser core 
can't trust scripted listeners using Web APIs.....

>  So, for example, I can't see how to implement
> JS pre-processing using only the after event. (This may not be
> possible with the current mutation events either, but it is something
> I want to to).

It's not clear that you need a web-facing API for your use case, though....


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