Re: Mutation events replacement

On 7/1/11 3:05 PM, David Flanagan wrote:
> I don't think I really explained my use case on this list. See
> and

And please....

 > Similarly, I've found it important to
> be able to distinguish between nodes that are being removed from a
> document tree and nodes that are being moved within the document tree,

Interesting, given that Gecko's DOM implementation does NOT make such a 
distinction at the moment.  Why did you find this to be important?

> Implementations will presumably maintain one list of all current
> mutations, and then will have to filter that list to deliver only those
> that match the desired type and desired subtree for which a listener is
> registered.

That's unclear.  Maintaining this list (if it were done) sounds very 
expensive; in Gecko's case we're more likely to drop on the floor the 
ones which have no registered listeners.


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