Re: Cross posting madness must stop.

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Maciej Stachowiak <> wrote:

> Cross posting isn't great, but a brand new list will be missing many people
> with an interest in the topic for a while until it ramps up. In the
> meantime, I think both es-discuss and public-webapps are open for anyone to
> subscribe to (public-html ironically requires more hoops, since you have to
> be part of a W3C Member organization or become an invited expert). I'm
> subscribed to all 3 lists so my only annoyance is getting multiple copies of
> every email.
> My point is this: we're having a really fruitful discussion right now, one
> that was long overdue.

Enthusiastic +1!

> While there are some mechanically bad things about the way we're doing it,
> I'd like to avoid killing the momentum. So let's keep talking this way, as
> long as we have useful things to say, and until we can create a better
> mechanism.

Agreed. Given what you say about public-html, perhaps we should drop it. In
any case, I encourage everyone on any of these three lists who is interested
in this discussion to subscribe to both public-webapps and es-discuss so you
do not miss any messages by people who aren't, and so that your messages
aren't missed.

> For the slightly longer term: I think a list for general ECMA/W3C scripting
> coordination is a good idea. But I'd also like that to be the main list we
> use for the development of Web IDL, since any discussion about WebIDL is
> likely to be of cross-functional interest. And I don't want to make people
> subscribe to two new lists. Whether we call it public-webidl or
> public-scripting-coordination doesn't matter that much to me. Preference?
> W3C can probably set up such a list in fairly short order, but likely not
> until Monday.

I like the latter except for the length. How about public-scripting? Monday
would be great.


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