[widgets] Comments for pre-FPWD of View Modes Media Feature spec

Below are comments regarding rev1.1 of the View Modes Media Feature  


-Regards, Art Barstow

1. Abstract:

a. I don't understand "the document's content" in this context.
b. Missing a sentence terminator for the first sentence
c. Change the URI under the "Widgets 1.0 family of specifications" to:


d. Delete ", which together standarize widgets as a whole."

2. Status of the Document - change the URI under "Editor's Draft" to  
point to the latest Editor's draft of the spec and not a directory.

3. Section 1.1 - the following isn't accurate:

This document defines new media feature, its values and the DOM  
interface for querying the media features and types that apply to a  
document at a given instance in time, including events to detect when  
the values of the said features change.

Change it to:

This document defines a new media feature and its values.

4. Section 1.2 - a User Agent in the context of this spec should  
implement this spec (not the P&C spec)

5. Section 2 - We should strive for more consistency with the various  
widget spec's Conformance section. To that end, change the title to  
just "Conformance" and replace this entire section with just the  
following text in the Conformance section of the latest Editor's  
Draft of the widgets Interface spec i.e.:

All examples and notes in this specification are non-normative, as  
are all sections explicitly marked non-normative. Everything else in  
this specification is normative.

The key words must, must not, should, recommended, may and optional  
in the normative parts of this specification are to be interpreted as  
described in [RFC2119].

6. Section 3. and 3.1

a. I think there are problems with all four of the view modes  
definitions. As such, I would delete all of them and state they are  
defined in terms of their property values as specified in the table  
in Section 3.1

b. Rather than use "Characteristics" and "attributes", just use  
"property". For example, the statement:

The following attributes - summarized in the table below -  
characterize each of the values of the 'view-mode' media feature:

Would become:

The following table defines each of the view-modes' values in terms  
of its properties.

c. The heading of the last column in the table should be shortened to  
something like "width & height"

7. References

a. Delete unused References: DOM2Events, DOM2Style, HTML4, CSS21,  
Widgets-Landscape, Widgets-Reqs

b. Make Normative: [Media Queries]

Received on Wednesday, 23 September 2009 17:49:05 UTC