Re: [WARP] Last Call comments (1)

On Sep 7, 2009, at 15:11 , Marcin Hanclik wrote:
>>> is pretty simple, logical, and gets the job done for most use cases.
> The above is not the case e.g. for mailto: or tel:, specifically if  
> you want to be more specific/selective with the additional arguments  
> (a la subdomains).

There is a major distinction here. When you use mailto: or tel:, it  
triggers an external application (email client, phone dialer) and you  
can decide from within that application whether to enact those. If you  
have access to a messaging or calling API, then you can do those  
stealthily  but that's not WARP's problem, it's DAP's problem.

What WARP is concerned with is whatever access can be made without  
user interaction (an img/@src, or an XHR request) that is possible  
today in a WRT. Anything else is out of scope, and is DAP's job.

Robin Berjon -

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