Re: [Widget URI] Internationalization, widget IRI?

Hi Marcin,

On Jul 24, 2009, at 18:36 , Marcin Hanclik wrote:
> Why is the Widgets 1.0: URI Scheme about URI and not IRI?

Because it was written quickly :) And also because I'm sick and tired  
of the level of terminology needed to address (no pun intended) what  
should be a simple field  I'd like to just say "URI" and since this  
isn't a legacy context obviously it means IRI with the added advantage  
that it doesn't hurt the brains of the majority of readers... Anyway,  
no point in ranting over spilt beer I guess.

Based on the follow-up discussion what I've done is that I've used IRI  
throughout the specification except when discussing URI schemes. I've  
also updated the reference to be to RFC 3987 and the syntax to  
reference iauthority, iquery, and ifragment  which is indeed more  


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Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2009 21:17:37 UTC