[web databases] about rowids

Hi everyone.

Currently, SqlResultSet.insertId is defined as a integer. This would prevent user agents to use an underlying database engine that does not rely on integers for rowids.
For instance, both SQLite, MS Access, Informix use integers it seems, DB2 uses a transparent type 17 bytes big, Oracle uses strings, Java JDBC uses byte[].

For the sake of compatibility, it would probably be better to make insertId either a string, or in the case of lack of agreement, a implementation defined type, which is not desirable.

insertId only stores one row id. That's not very helpful for the case of a "INSERT INTO table(...) SELECT ..." dml. Considering that the query could produce an arbitrary number of rowids, the insertId field should probably be a SqlResultSetRowList, or an array.


João Eiras
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Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2009 12:01:40 UTC