Re: CfC: to publish the First Public Working Draft of Web Database spec; deadline 7 September

Hi Laxmi,

just to make sure that we are clear on what you are objecting to: the  
CfC is for a Working Draft (what's more, the first) to be published.  
This by no means entails ratification by W3C, it simply reflects where  
the group is on that topic.

This is not to say that you shouldn't object, I am just indicating  
that you can dislike this specification and still agree that it can be  
published because it'll grant it wider review than what it has today  
(and perhaps spur someone into proposing something better before this  
ships). I personally agree with your objections, but I'm okay with  
this draft being published because I'd really like browsers to have an  
advanced form of storage, and since I think SQL is the wrong option  
for this I'm hoping it'll scare someone into offering a better  

I am curious: given that you care about the right option being  
selected here, have you considered proposing LINQ as an option for the  
WG to work on (or a subset thereof)? Having a positive proposal can go  
a long way in terms of shaping a specification.

Robin Berjon -

Received on Tuesday, 1 September 2009 13:04:54 UTC