Re: DnD vs CnP (was Copy/Paste Events)

Le 31-août-09 à 04:44, Ian Hickson a écrit :

>> Honestly, I find the whole DnD and CnP treatment in HTML5 quite much
>> ad-hoc. It's welcome to have such an addition but it makes too many
>> arrangements and still is hard to read.
> Yes, it's a horrible model. It's one that had been implemented  
> multiple
> times before the spec existed, and implementations trump pretty much
> everything except security problems when it comes to deciding what the
> spec should say.

could I request a pointer to implementations or, even better, test- 
cases ?

Maybe they could encourage or disappoint server implementors.
If it's what I know of MSIE then it will discourage us.
(as far as I recall: unstable because of lack of complete security,  
only three flavours)


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