[widgets] P&C UA does not deal with SVG icons

I also don't believe that the following text belongs in the P&C spec 
(though it certainly needs to go somewhere):

A user agent that supports [SVG] as an icon format may display 
declarative animation. However, for security reasons, a user agent must 
not execute scripts or interactivity defined within an [SVG] icon file. 
Animation and interactivity is defined as the set of features intended 
for use of SVG as a dynamic image, corresponding to the [SVGTiny] 
profile, and to specific feature strings:





Authoring Guidelines: If using [SVG] as an icon format, and the 
intention is for it to be animated, then use declarative animation. 
Also, avoid creating icons that depend on scripts for animation and 



Received on Thursday, 27 August 2009 15:43:50 UTC