Re: DOM3EV: [ViewModes] typeArg on initXXXEvent

Hi, Marcin-

Olli answered most of your questions, but I had one more comment, inline...

Marcin Hanclik wrote (on 8/24/09 12:21 PM):
> Another issue related to DOM3EV: There seems to be no naming
> convention for the events. We have DOMSubtreeModified, mousewheel,
> keyup, textInput and so on. Is it related to the history that
> CamelCase is used only partially (it seems it is not used only for
> DOM2EVs)?

The camelCase names were a fad.  It's much more author-friendly to 
simply use lowercase (easier to type, easier to remember), and that is 
what we suggest for all new events.  We also suggest using the shortest 
name that still conveys what the event is meant to do.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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