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Hi Robin, All,

I have addressed the below issues in the latest version of the draft.
I did cargo-culting wrt the events to adhere to DOM3Events. I assume the decisions about dropping initializations, modifications etc. should be taken jointly with the parties interested in that specification (specifically www-dom), so that we could match that specification on semantic level first. The layouts could be matched afterwards.

I will be improving the draft further on the editorial level.
Comments and reviews are welcome.


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I just went through the WM ED and here are the things to do that I
gathered (the list may not be exhaustive). Input and help is welcome,
feel free to flag what you'd like to volunteer for.

   - The Abstract needs to be rewritten, it's not entirely easy to
understand what it describes.
   - The SotD need to be written (in preparation of FPWD).
   - The active editors need to agree on what they'll use to edit/
generate the spec - I'm guess Anolis/Bert Bos. That'll give us a ToC.
   - The "Relevant Inputs" section needs to go.
   - The Introduction is really only the first paragraph, and it needs
to be expanded and have references. The rest are definitions which
need their own subsection.
   - The table of window modes should be moved to the MQ section, and
the descriptions merged. This places Conformance Requirements right
after the Introduction (which is fine - it should be before anything
   - A clarification of what is meant by "feature" would help. The
"widget" mode is also referred to but lacks any description.
   - The scripting interfaces need some love to make them linked, and
make sure they are proper WebIDL (notably they could use the
implements keyword). They require a lot of documentation to be written.
   - I think that the MediaFeatureList could be a
sequence<CSSStyleDeclaration> nowadays.
   - I forget the original reasoning: is it useful that the event
initialisers have canBubbleArg and cancelableArg since presumably no
matter what parameter is passed they won't bubble and won't be
   - Acknowledgements need to be written.
   - References need to be written.
   - Some examples would be nice (but that's not needed for FPWD).

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