Re: DnD vs CnP (was Copy/Paste Events)

Le 22-août-09 à 07:51, Ian Hickson a écrit :

>>  copy-and-paste is aimed at long term storage: if you write to the
>> clipboard you have to write all the flavours you think a recipient  
>> would
>> ever make use of! The clipboard often survives computer-restarts.
> Drag-and-drop can also be for long-term storage -- drag whatever it  
> is you
> were going to copy to your clipboard to your clipboard

erm... can you give me the pixel coordinates of my clipboard please?

> ... same result. And
> with the DND model in HTML5, you have to "write all the flavours you  
> think
> a recipient would ever make use of" in the same way as you describe  
> for
> copy-and-paste.

To me, as a server implementor, this is a problem: I will not offer  
any expensive type for DnD then, while I could offer them if I knew  
the target wishes to get, say, a PDF of the formula that was just  

> DND in HTML5 generates the data at drag time, not drop time.

Well, this is the choice of HTML 5 I am debating, precisely.
It all comes (consistently) together as a problem.

>> So I would insist to split the two set of events while keeping  
>> common,
>> of course, some of the interfaces to denote what can be transferred.
> I see no reason to split them.

Maybe a reasonable approach would be to have on "simplified" API that  
corresponds to this one which merges the two while a finer grained API  
would differentiate them?


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