Close ACTION-357

Hi Art,
My action can be closed. The table that was requested was provided in Widgets 1.0: Window Modes and Media Query Extensions I didn't do it, but it does meet the original request related to the action:

    BS: The height and width attribute in P&C have a reference to the
    widget views spec

    AB: We need to make sure Widgets VIews talks about which modes would
    support this
    ... Some of us feel that User Agents should have flexibility wrt
    what modes might support this stuff

    BS: This should be easy, right?
    ... Which attributes are dependent on view modes, and which are
    independent. and could we have a table?

    AB: That sounds great for someone to write

    <scribe> ACTION: Bryan to make a table (if it's easy) [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-357 - Make a table (if it's easy) [on
    Bryan Sullivan - due 2009-06-17].

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Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

Received on Thursday, 13 August 2009 13:54:02 UTC