Re: RFC: WebApp timing

Hi, Michael,
   Good point indeed.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 12:49 AM, Michael Nordman <>wrote:

>> interface Window {
>>   readonly attribute Timing <> pageTiming;
>> };
> The pageTiming attribute represents the timing information related to the
>> current top-level browsing context. Each top-level browser context must have
>> a unique pageTiming attribute.
> You mention top-level browsing context specifically, not just browsing
> context.
> * Firstly, why not just 'browsing context'? Seems like these timings also
> apply to subframe navigations.

     Top level document is the main object we have been looking at. But as
you point out, the timing measures can also be applied to
subframes. (e.g., IE does have BeforeNavigate2 events for the root page and
each subframe.) And it's a good idea to accommodate
this case. I will see how I can make change accordingly.

> * Secondly, does that imply that accessing window.pageTiming from a nested
> frame returns the timing for its 'top' page? Or perhaps an 'empty' timing
> object or 'null'?

    I think we can use a new navigation type, say, navigate_frame. This
could be useful in some cases, e.g., for a search result page to determine
if it has been "framed" by a third party page.


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