Re: please fix status of File Upload editor's draft

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Arun Ranganathan<> wrote:
> Dan Connolly wrote:
>> Looks like the word is getting out about this work;
>> there's a pretty favorable article on ajaxian.
>> But it's a little confused...
>> "The W3C has published a working draft for the File API"
>> W3C hasn't actually published it just yet.
>> No wonder they're confused...
>> In


Ajaxian should edit that entry to something like: "there is an editors
draft in the making" and then presented the goals/objective of the

Good to get more notice on the API, but saying things like "Arun is a
great guy" in that same entry indicates impartiality.

>> I find
>> "This document is a First Public Working Draft. It is not an official
>> publication of the W3C."
>> That's contradictory. Please take out the 1st sentence or something.
>> It's also labelled "W3C Working Draft 12 August 2009" on the
>> title page.
>> Please delete that subtitle or change it to "editor's draft"
>> or some such. See
>> for some concrete suggestions.
> Fixed; I hope the status is clearer now (you may have to force a reload to
> see the changes).

I mentioned before that "2006" URI has a link to the latest:
| Latest public version:

That page has a previous draft (Robin's?)

That latest version:-
| File Upload
| W3C Working Draft 18 October 2006

AISB, the "2006" uri returns the latest "editors draft" and the
"Latest public version" at "/TR/file-upload/" has old content.

That should be fixed so that the latest version does truly point to
the latest version.

I do not know the rules for how W3C usually publishes things, but it
is confusing to have the "latest" uri having old content and the
"2006" uri having the actual up-to-date editors draft. At the very
least, the link to the latest version ought to return the latest
up-to-date version.


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