[progress events] editorial fixes and module

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> > > Please review and send brickbats, comments, etc. ...
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> > 3. The description for the "totalArg" parameter of initProgressEvent  
> says "... the value of this parameter is not a non-negative number ...".  
> Why not just say "... the value of this parameter is a negative number  
> ..."? (redundant double negative removal).
> All agreed and fixed. I'll put out another version in a few days that  
> includes all these changes.

The "loadedArg" parameter has the same "not a non-negative number" double-negative that should probably be fixed.

Also, the two operations defined in the IDL are missing the semi-colon after the argument list as required by WebIDL.

I would also like to know which module the ProgressEvent interface will end up in, so I can generate Java bindings appropriately. For now I'm assuming it will go into org.w3c.dom.events since that seems to be the appropriate place IMO.

And finally, is there a timeline for pushing this spec forward? It hasn't been touched for the last 5 months, and I would like to see this spec move somewhere rather than die a death of apathy like so many specs have... even a publication from editor's draft to a new WD would be better than nothing :)


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