Re: Things missing from Web IDL for HTML5

Ian Hickson:
> I updated HTML5 to use the new Web IDL stuff.

Great!  I notice you haven’t used nullable types for any of the
DOMString arguments, attributes or return types.  Was that a conscious

Bare DOMStrings now mean a type that doesn’t include the null value.

> Here's what's missing, and how I've used it:
> * Some interfaces need multipler "caller"s. I've assumed that I can 
> specify "caller" on multiple operations and have the overloading behaviour 
> handle it automatically.


> * Some interfaces need the "caller" and the "getter" to be the same 
> operation. I've assumed that one can specify both on the same operation.


> * [Supplemental]: For specification process reasons, some interface 
> definitions don't get organised the same way as we want from 
> implementations. I've assumed that [Supplemental] will exist, and used it 
> as follows:

Work on [Supplemental] forthcoming.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Tuesday, 11 August 2009 06:21:42 UTC